All About Cecilia

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

Middle child of seven siblings and has had a troubled childhood
It has made me a stronger person, just not easily understood
Had a baby at seventeen and had to grow up in a flash
Now tends to over think, tries not to do anything rash.

I have dark long blond hair, hazel eyes and an infectious smile
Patient, laid back, but still gets frustrated every once in a while
Likes long hot showers and is wise with money
Drinker of herbal teas and hot lemon with ginger and honey

Friendly, outgoing and loves to laugh
Driven, ambitious does nothing by half
Enjoys to read, dance and play scrabble
Inspired by poetry, in writing it I dabble.

Is a PSW in long term nursing care
Empathy for the elderly I can't but share
Loves truly and deeply, is a hopeless romantic
Directionally challenged without a GPS I become frantic.

Mother of three sons, who enriched by life with so much joy
Recently blessed with a grand daughter, who I cherish, love and enjoy
Kindhearted, non judgmental and a very loyal friend
I'm always there when needed, on me you can depend.

Never smoked, did drugs and rarely ever has an alcoholic drink
Likes crosswords and sudoku, games that make me think
Loves sea food, sauteed onions and homemade soup
Energized by biking, long hikes and is a leader in a scouting group.

Moved by Nickleback's song, 'If Today Was Your Last Day'
For we should live life to the fullest, let nothing stand in our way
My favorite movie is 'Ever After' starring my favorite actress Drew Barrymore
Hoping like the movie that my prince charming will soon walk through my door.

****Sidney ~ LeeAnn's " All About ___ " poetry contest ****