Written by: Yolanda Jones

evening rolled into 
my self conscious beliefs
during a subtle warming 
of climate change

i'd completed a list 
of life's worries
that had henceforth succomb 
to a natural disaster before me 

why i was quite tempted 
to hunker down beneath whims 
thee hovering of thee vanishing eye 
from this tropical storm

brewing within my soul 
emotions were stirring about
calalities of sudden laughter 
hazing almost above the hinting 

of rouge the sweet nectar 
surrounding suicide thoughts
a bleak craving of balance 
between life and death

why i'd explored eternal meaning 
immortal matter consumed me 
wrapping my body in a mauve garment 
of my past my present

as my future mingled about sanity 
madness had occured over time 
an yet i'd never felt 
more whole before

than in my death 
created somewhere within 
my own mangled mind