Written by: melanie jennings

A blank canvas, clean and crisp 
Awaits the drops from a rainbow sprayed pitter patter of a magical rainfall
and a storm, by the artists brush obeyed

Onto a perfect paradise 
A shattered pallette of acrylic thrown
with accuracy near the archers aim
That it falls like leaves, by autumn blown

A sea of organised destruction 
Skillfully strewn across a landscaped view Crimson red and sunkissed bronze
hidden by a haze of blue 

A mass of seasons, winter's spring 
An abundance of wishes and dreams laid bare Onto this portrait of sheer madness
scantilly clad and almost shared 

An explosion of flavours 
Freedom ventured through flecks of paint Songs of lovebirds whispered 
Following rhythm with melodies faint 

Flowers lost in winds of brown 
Valuable gems encrusted with gold buried deep 
dashes and lashes of watercolour 
flicked into sequence and layed in a heap 

A masquerade of autumn leaves fall 
as a line of coloured soldiers march, swift 
A mask of beauty disguises the page
Like a tiny world, and delicate gift 

Fire blends into the ocean of blues 
yet white ice devours monumentous heat 
A fog of grey trims the edge 
The work of a genius is almost complete