Eyes looking back at me

Written by: Shaz Cheesman

Gazing into my bathroom mirror
My eyes looking back at me
Anguish and misery, all i see
Years just like groundhog day
Never seeing it any other way

Life is meant to be more than this
If only a genie, grant me a wish
We all experience pain this is true
Grant me the strength to see this through
Please is this never going to end
Save me from my misery

Luck sometimes comes your way
Giving you hope a brand new day
So I am now home and all is good
Settled sorted as much as one could
A quiet moment, inhaling it all in
Know that i am here and this is real
Knowing this day hasnt been a dream

Never to be taken for granted
Not once, where i have been
Now as i gaze into that mirror
I like what looks back at me 
My eyes see a new chapter 
Of endless possibilities 
The sky has no limits
New space longtime seen