Just Killing Time

Written by: Anya Chebukina

Spending time under an oak tree
Reading 'Falling Down'
On a summer afternoon
Just killing time

Eating ice cream from Scoops ice cream shop
And laughing with a friend
About the boys from class
Just killing time

Eating dinner with my family
Having fun and laughing
Telling jokes and all
Just killing time

But now

That oak tree isn't there
No books that i can read
The summer afternoons seem duller now.
Time is killing me

That ice cream now is just to cold to eat
My friends have all moved out of town
No one to laugh with or about
Time is killing me

The dinner table is empty
No more fun and laughing
No one telling jokes and all
Time is killing me

Its time to go a different way
To do something in that spear time
Time only kills us
But ding something useful for a change
Will be simple
Just killing time