Written by: Amy Green

Ocean blue, upon lazy waves I share this tale
Of a behemoth beast- the color of death, lifeless and pale
Forty miles long he was, from snout to tail
A frightenin' thing onboard a fifty foot barque 'n' sail

Mindin' our own bi'sness we was when this thing hit
smashin the bulkheads water comin' in- "Oh Sh**"!
Off came my tongue bloody 'n' hurtin'- that which I bit
Hull cracked - middle o' that boat, it shur did split!

Dunno what made that crazy ole' whale think we was bait
That look in his eye shore was full o' hate
Mebbe he was just hungry- 'cause Billy Bob he ate,
Soon 'nuff that whale spit him out, guess he just didn't like the taste!