Just Dakota Stuff

Written by: Daniel Larson

Mary laid her aces down
     hoping they would be enough,
Had placed her world on the line
     in-between her precious "stuff".

She'd worked in her parents fields,
     walked to school when times were tough,
Never had much for herself
     but what she had was her "stuff".

Made a friend and built a life
     in a house upon the bluff,
Filled it with all her charm
     and each piece of her loved "stuff".

Sang her heart out in the church,
     prayed through the times that got rough,
Never threw away her faith,
     never parted with her "stuff".

Hubby lost his sanity,
     the youngest left in a huff,
Still she held on to the home
     and all of her treasured "stuff".

Days moved quickly into years
     while she lived just off the cuff,
Spent most times inside the house
     caring for all of her "stuff".
She left this earth quietly,
     found her on the carpet's tuft,
Laid out with a smiling face,
     surrounded by all her "stuff".

Family knew what she'd like
     and made sure it was enough,
See that hall upon the hill?
     It holds her and all her "stuff".