Moonlit Buffet

Written by: Debra Squyres

Moonlit Buffet
Is that laughter I hear
 floating about in the air
 or the cooing of the breeze
 as it teases the willow
 to dance with giggling glee
 before the sun sounds
 its final drum beat
 and night descends

Inhale deeply…..
 drown peacefully
 with pleasure
 as the honeysuckle
 and wisteria share
 their sweet potent scent
 under cover of darkness
 beguiling the succulent
 to come and play

The softest of whispers
 hear we now ……
 the hushed soothing
 sound in the darkness
 as the breeze
 gentles its breath
 and the spider spins
 another web with
 thoughts of prey
 dancing tautly,
 wrapped and served warm
 on her homemade
 moonlit tray
By: Debra Squyres 5/22/12