What Do You Say, When You Pray

Written by: Franklin Goode

What Do You Say, When You Pray?

Good morning. It’s me again. How have you been? Thank you for yesterday, today and maybe tomorrow.

Yes! The family is doing fine. We know it will get better in time. Thanks for asking. Oh yes, how is your family doing?

I know you are always busy, so I want take long. Things are a little shaky at home, when I am all alone.

Uncle Joe said hello. He still runs into the door. Black Jack our dog, broke her leg again. Chasing her tail. Poor dog, just can’t win. 

Things at the job are still so, so. I am ready to go, you know.  If you have any leads let me know. I would be pleased, and my mind would be at ease.

My friend saw me praying yesterday. By the way! He text you all the time. Some time he is bumped off the line. Yes! He is a whiner. 

Will you be busy tomorrow, about this same time?  I have some important stuff to tell you.  Heads up, it going to take a while. And yes! It’s wild.

Okay! I see my time is up. Gotta run also.  It’s been Holy Fun. See you in a little while.  Just joking!  No, I have not been smoking…

Thanks for putting up with me. No one else does. Lots of Love.
Dr. “G”