Written by: keisha davis

I must be one. For there are few.
Living to give myself to you
Putting all of it in the Truth.
My faith.
Once a close mate with hate
But now faith lies in Love.
Your love.
If I scratch the surface to see what lies beneath
I only look to find more.
Knowing that it’s the very core of your essence.
Kiss me with thy presence and I’m stuck.
Let me be one.
Knowing the Son as few can.
No man is as faithful as you.
And who can match thy commitment. 
Never ending. Long distance. 
So I run, because there are few that do, but I’ve said I do.
So I run.
To cling to what has clung to me.
It’s the song you’ve sung to me
I am persistently being called aside.
In you it hides.
My faith.
Let’s be draped with this sweet escape
I must please you.
You must declare well done.
May you be second to none, for I must be one
Leaning on my lover in a garden.
Say, and I’ll obey
You don’t forsake, so I won’t stray
I want to see, clear out the grey
I sought, I prayed
And scratching even beneath the surface
I find you, unchanging. Bridal chamber.
Preparing to stay one.
Wanting to be faithful.