I Forgot My Password Again

Written by: Franklin Goode

I Forgot My Password Again

Tried yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow as well. One more will be number twelve.
Can’t use my birthday, name, social security, or home address. Think I’ll rest, or do what 
is best.

Tried dreaming a password. No luck! Saw three ducks, counted six legs and went back 
to bed.  

Prayed and prayed. Stayed and stayed. No answer. Perhaps, they forgot their 
password also.  Say what? I need a password to pray? My God, what a day!

Saw two senior citizens walking down the street.  Nosy me, asked a question. What’s a 
good password? One said “are you a nerd”?

I replied with a no. The other said, how old are you? I told them my age, and they said 
divide it by two. I heard the other say poor guy, he doesn’t get the clue.

One of them asks me, what is your name? Good! Divide it the same. Wow! A new 
password. Stupid me! If I could only remember my name.  Oh well! Guess I’ll log in 
as “No one to blame”.

Dr. “G”