Heaven's Doorway

Written by: Carolyn Devonshire

Rushing through a dimly-lit tunnel toward a light, memories of my whole lifetime were swirling past. I knew what was happening, but I sensed no fright. Memories exhausted, reached my goal at last. Loved ones’ voices were echoing throughout my head, but to be with them I had to enter a gate. St. Peter stood as guard, tall with his angel wings spread. Then he asked some questions to determine my fate. Peter queried what I’d learned in my Earthly life. “Compassion,” I replied, but this was not enough. “How did you handle times when life was filled with strife?” “I fought my way through each hurdle; it was quite tough.” “The key,” Peter said, “is whom you came to love.” With friends and family, I replied, “so many, all who now wait to see me again above.” The crowd behind the gate was growing aplenty. For love was Peter’s most important element; He smiled, handed me the key to heaven’s gate. I entered, auras spun ‘round, but I felt content. Weightless and intrigued, I was in a tranquil state. At last I saw parents, friends and my late husband. Beloved faces shone through auras of colored light; to the love they showered on me, I was unaccustomed. Feeling young once more, I soared like a newborn sprite. Love once shared with others renewed in misty air, where angelic choirs played their harps and sang of joy. This place beyond compare – how did I get there? St. Peter whispered, “You shared love, now just enjoy.”
*Entry for Gail’s “Heaven’s Doorway” contest Written May 20, 2012