Dirty secret

Written by: Treasa Jarvis

Hiding the truth you never told
The baby He never got to hold
You ran far away made a whole new life
perfect in your eyes

But somewhere in the shadows
the truth haunts you, if it comes out 
what will you do
what can you say to keep your perfect world
hoping that it never shatters

The shame you must have felt
the pain your must have bore
the times you must have cried
to want to run away and hide
your little girl

Years have passed and time goes on
the truth came out and your just as strong
but you still want to run away and hide
your dirty secret

I wish you coul just face the facts
Not get mad at my dad
We never had a chance to live our lives 
like a family
we are strangers looking for a chance to be

I'm still your same sweet girl
but I am begging for more
I just want to live the rest of my life
apart from the pain and strife 
I just don't want to be
your dirty secret anymore.