When I'm gone

Written by: Ricky Brown

5-19-2012			When I'm Gone
Something you said,it went and it to my head,
 With out you my life is meaningless
Gone from this world is where you belong,not where  I am  going,
You are not here so I will go along,the pain I must endeavor,
Or  I will die off like the fools of the your previous  peers,
Who follow a light that doesn't shine in this life or the next,ou are as real as company you keep on a lonely day,
So long- I say to you ,leave on your own will,
Stay on top of the hill,where you will be unknown,where you belong,
Until you are no longer a left over washed up thrill,
Who left their heart in San Fransisco,that you never found,
    Cause you are  gone,all along,you  were never here .