There Are Days

Written by: Author Rhonda Kay Hero - Wilson

There are days my eyes fill with tears falling from my chin, I fight them sometimes and
other times I yearn for them.
To help wash away the sadness from years past, that still surface at unexpected times,
like a body being discovered in the water.
My past is facing me it comes when lease expected, I shout out loud please, please go
away and leave me alone.
The tears help refresh, renew the ugly, lonely, guilt, shame from a childhood taken away.
Sunny days I embrace with open arms, I surround  myself with laughter, I stand with my 
arms open wide looking up at the sky.
I shout, scream at my enemies both dead and alive, I laugh at them,  I mock them they 
are now enemies and I am their hunter.

Their plans of destroying me and making me crazy failed, for awhile depression, pills,
booze, even suicidal thoughts were friends.
Today they are no longer, they were put to rest, the enemy’s plans failed and I did not die.
Thoughts, memories from those voices have become just whispers now, they no longer rage
on a 24 hour basic, I close my eyes and hear music.
The child's broken innocence, the heart that was crushed, the tears that she shed filled oceans,
now she writes and claims herself.
Today, tomorrow and from this day on she is free, rejoicing, laughing, dancing and mocking those
that never wanted her to be.