Beauty In and Out

Written by: Author Rhonda Kay Hero - Wilson

I want you to surround yourself with beautiful and precious things. 

To throw away the ugliness that once consumed you everyday.

Beauty is not just material, it's everywhere you look human, animals,
nature the falling of the rain and rainbows in the sky.

When you speak and do for others have the words be beautiful and the
deeds kind with a smile.

Surround yourself, surround everyone you embrace with love everyday.

The words you speak to others are priceless and never ever forgotten.

They watch from afar words that flow from your lips and take chances,
on trusting what you say, you gave them their beauty that day.

Discontent is a waste of time  and just brings the dark clouds around.  

Share with them the rainbows, sunsets that flies across the sky, revealing
to them all what you have become.

Stand guard protect your heart and soul and dream to be what you have wanted.

Sharing, showing, spreading the precious beauty within one and out.