I Believe

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

I believe in....
I believe in....
I believe in....

I believe that...
                       Circumstances do not represent your future
I believe that...
                       We are not what others labels us.
I believe that...
                        You could find your purpose in the middle of confusion.

 Anxiety, stress, suicidal thoughts.
All that could go away in a heart-beat. Happy Thoughts!
Boom..boom. Its gone in a blink of an eye.
Shout freeedoooooomm! Rescue comes from the sky.

Shackles off!
No more captivity!
Bondage is broken!
The sword divides the spirit and iniquity -
Deliverance comes from Mighty activity.

I believe Jesus can change your surroundings,
and transform yourself by renewing your mind.
 I believe Christ can brake the heavy yoke off your back,
and give you comfort and set you free for once and all.

I Choose to believe.
I choose to Hope.
I choose to Love. 
I choose God.