Written by: Carmen Castro

Nothingness is always with me  
We go way back like the depts of the sea 
The deeper you go the darker the hole 
Nothingness has a tight grip on my soul 
It stays with me not loosening its hold 
I wish this nothingness would let me go 
Its never just me because it invades the mind  
With thoughts of darkness no light in sight 
Nothingness my new bestfriend a selfish one that will not bend 
Like a dark abyss that just destroys mangled inside like a broken toy 
Numb inside no words to speak 
Eyes on my face that do not see,  
Nothingness keeps me blind 
As the world moves forward I'm left behind 
In the arms of Nothingness I am caressed 
Like a comforted baby laying on nothingness chest