what i wanted to say but couldn't say mothers day

Written by: The Situation

no greater love can ever live
nothing can equal what i give
no single act of love is the reason why
many were the sacrifices i gave I
by no means ephemeral
the tears i have cried
my youth and beauty i had to give up
the fun the parties that kind of stuff
each day i suffered a little while
all for the sake of a healthy child
they call it labor when a child is born
for something that really goes on and on
there is nothing in this world
that i wouldn't do
to guard your safety and care for you
to raise up a child in they way
they should go
i begged Heavenly Father
the things i should know
for the day that was coming
the day that you'd go
and there are so many things
that you do not know
they call it labor and indeed it is
but what you don't know is
i'm in labor everyday you live
and though you live 
in a separate house
my spirit will live there also
like a little mouse
and though you may live far away
the ghost of me hovers you everyday