That Little Boy Child


Staring from a distance that’s all I could see
A little boy child staring right back at me
His face had so much, so much to tell
“Oh world can’t you see that all’s not well”
There was emptiness, loneliness and prints of insecurity
Coming from his eyes that no one could ever truly see
I was greeted by an absence of abundant smiles
And playful tears drops moving in their very own style
His lips were stain with the saltiness from above
One tightly knit to the other like birds of love
Oh yes he needs a friend but who will that be
Who will be a friend and a true friend indeed
There was no attempt to help no attempt to try
So he was left alone standing so frail and dry
I couldn’t, I couldn’t, I really couldn’t take anymore
I just had to help that boy who was so bitter and sore
So with compassion in my heart and tears in my eyes
I reach out my hands to help the little boy child
But surprising he did just the same thing
Reaching to touch my hands that were aiming towards him
It was then it hit me like a batsman’s swirl
I was only staring into the mirror world.