Danny - Part 2 -

Written by: Rick Parise

_____________________________________ It's been almost four years since your smile electrified my eyes just to watch your spirit glisten made my life worth while In curtains and colors, exposed in beauty and light it all seemed so perfect for it was that year you had come back into my life I'll never forget that day when you rolled down the lane with loud rock-n-roll music blaring, it took me back to those high school days Then came August first when you knocked at my door with a smile and a big hug and precious words that reassured How was I to know by night fall you'd be gone at the stroke of mid-night a story, a song As I retired for the day and crawled into bed in a loud resonating cry the telephone spoke words better left unsaid It was then in an instant - summer had gone with a painful breeze In silence, I sobbed as angels above began to sing...... ______________________________________________________________ An Inspiration Of Life And Memory Poet- Rick Parise