Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

Turbulence in the atmosphere,
Dryness and sickness around the sphere.
Painfully tears while being cross with a spear!
Mean while, my soul groans out of fear.

No rain in the dry-land.
I could taste the bitterness of exile,
When I speak of your Glory -
People act like I speak Of the X-Files!
But my spirit tells me to walk one more mile.
Since God does not like anything mild.

Sorrow in my eyes,
Isolation with blurry sight -
I hear Whisper surrounded by Knights.

Who dares to speak to my broken-soul?
Who dares to know what my spirit shouts?
What is this whisper that calls me?
Pssst....Wisdom spoke.
The Word revealed in the flesh!
I dared to look!
I gazed at Him,
And I got lost in the Universe of His eyes.
“I know who you are”
“you are a prophet”  He said with a smile and walked away.
I saw the face of an angel with much knowledge,
revelation and wisdom glowing from His hair and brows.

I am not worthy of your love!
If I had winds like a dove,
I will fly away to avoid being swallow by a whale.
Who could ever hide from You and kiss you – farewell.

I got on my knees with tears of light and joy.
And I told Him: “I know who you are!”
He turned back with the Sun on His eyes and stared at me.
“You are Jesus My Savior” I said “You are son of God”
He Smiled again and left.

Sweet smile like honey.
Eyes deep as the universe.
Walks on patients.
Speaks light.
Whispers wisdom.
Acts on love.

That is Him. Jesus The Son Of God.