Mothers Love


Mother’s Love Without a Mother’s love, no house becomes a home. Without a Mother’s love, in the streets, the children roam. Without a Mother’s loving hands that create and soothe and mend; the hearts of many grow cold; in prisons of anger, their lives spend. Mother’s play the leading role in every so-called family. Mother’s love is the cement that bind her loved ones happily. It takes a Mother’s loving smile, gentle touch or prayer to give encouragement where needed, when trials are too hard to bear. Mother’s love is precious and should be treated so, ‘cause Mothers don’t last forever; finally to death’s sleep must go. So while your Mother’s love is with you, treasure it each day. Many never have the privilege— their Mother’s love to relay. Mother’s love is a taste of heaven, where love and forgiveness is free. Even if you don’t see eye to eye, she’ll not arguably disagree. For a Mother’s love gives comfort to a lost or needy soul. She’s a gift from the Father’s heart; the hurting one to console. Mother’s love is patient; shows wisdom and thoughtfulness; a daily deep devotion in a world of selfishness. Mother’s love is enduring— endurance that defies explanation. Of all the love God gave us, Mother’s love is His crowning creation. Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2010-2012 This poem is featured in Maureen’s Book, Poetry To Touch Your Heart & Soul [Book 1] Photography by Maureen LeFanue