Its Not My Problem

Written by: Anya Chebukina

Is it really my problem that things dont turn out for you?
Is it really my fault you fall in love so easily?
Because if i remember correctly
You went from one to another to another to another
and back to the one.

You confuse me with your constant talking about boys
After a while i learned to just listen and ignore.

I mean is it really my problem?

When we hang out with friends i'm invisible
But when you need to talk i'm the first one on your list.
Give me a break will you?

I'm not a boy chasing girl
To be listening to all your stories of heart ache

Ok yeah i understand 
some guys are really cool
but it doesn't mean 
you have to fall for every single one of them

You'll find the one your looking for
When your time comes
So please just chill a little
And enjoy this simple life

Because in truth 
Its Not My Problem