Fragment of a dream

Written by: Damilola Olaniyi

I let the salt air
Just wash over me
And as I breath it deep 
Into my lungs
I am transported to far-away places

By the rail
I see a mother
Occupy the centre of attention
And tell a story
To a captive audience
With two clothes
One around her chest, the other on her waist…

On the boat
I see traps and hooks
Pellets cast aside
By the wise fish
In red and white and green
These limousines cruise this green water
Distinct yachts’ of the ghetto!
I see the beautiful, the pretty
The observer and the observed
Little children in the sand
And semi-adults eating with their digits.

In the water
I swish my head
Back and forth
Left to right, right to left
And suddenly,
A water snake pops out its head
Smiling in delight
At the prospect of competition

On the fringes of my dream
I see myself 
Drying out with a towel
I see this hydrophobic
Shaking her head like a wet dog

In this fragment of my dream	
I am awake
But lungfuls of salt air
Still fill my airways
I breathe a sigh of relief
It was all a dream, I say
But sand sticks behind my toes!