Donkey Rider

Written by: Caleb Smith

I rode a donkey yesterday
Ask me why and I could not say
Believe you me, it was quite the chore
And now my body is mighty sore

Without a saddle I mounted his back
How many tries?...I think I lost track
With one leg half over, he tried to run
People believe me...this is no fun

So I ran alongside him
Until he stopped bucking
And jumped up atop him
That's right...donkey trucking

But he wasn't finished
Oh no, not yet
He had tricks up his sleeve
I was willing to bet

And of course, I was right
It was now time to fight
Because without being bidden
I was atop a steed that didn't want to be ridden

Running in circles that weren't quite round
And braying like awful sound
We ran into trees, all but crushing my knees
And across many the stitches

He bounced me around from one side to another
More than once I cried, "OH, SWEET MOTHER!"
But he had not yet thrown me
I had not yet fallen
It wasn't over, though
I could hear the ground callin'

So in his final play, he lowered his head and bent his front feet
There was the ground I was destined to meet
I met it with grace...yeah right...on my face
And rolled to the side, not ashamed to hide
But he only walked over and looked in my eyes
It was there I could see, this donkey was wise

So he led me home
In all of his glory
Of the lesson he'd taught me
Now I tell this story

I rode a donkey yesterday
It was quite the chore
And I believe I shall ride
That old ass, no more