Stand Up Men

Written by: Caleb Smith

Fear not, you men of little integrity
Of things you don't understand
The choice to believe is yours to choose
But judgement is not in your hands

Run not, you men of little courage
Away from what you don't know
It's not there to hurt you
So be not afraid
Not friend is not always foe

Give it a rest, you men of insecurity
God has many given names
I'll call mine what I wish
You call yours what you wish...if you have one
In the end, will we worship the same?

Lead your house, you men of selfishness
Teach your sons truth and power
Give your wives love and they'll give you respect
Show them a man, not a coward

Hate not, you men of lies and apathy
A man that stands when you sit
Take your idle hands out of luke warm water
And put them to work, but don't quit

Because I tell you now
Whether I bow down to God
Or bow down to Allah
Or be the Great Spirit the one
At least I was a man
And I took a stand
In the end what harm has it done?