Last June

Written by: Daniel Larson

Well, I’ve been lost in moments
     where not much was left to count,
While all the words of wisdom
     had been left upon the mount.
When July turned to August
     and August ran into June,
Time was but a second thought
     that had passed us by too soon.

Sometimes I would wake to see
     a small glimpse of yesterday,
Just before the wrinkles came
     with the spattering of grey.
Could see the roads to nowhere
     that were travelled by the young,
Once upon a summertime
     when tomorrows were far-flung.

Funny how the scenes can change
     the colors to black and white
When dreams glide through the fog
     that holds on strong to last night.
Puppy dog tails and ribbons
     now lay scattered on the ground,
Covering up the last thought
     which moves on without a sound.

Still I have sensed the footprints
     hidden somewhere in the sleep,
And within those days of youth
     there were feelings that ran deep.
One day on an August morn
     I heard an eternal tune,
It carried me back once more
     to those summer days of June.