Written by: keisha davis

I’ve been wise in my own eyes. Intellect.
 	Eyes shut not wanting to let light interject, and it’s dark.
	I can’t see, thus I’m sent walking with a blindfold.
	And I hold, my own understanding.
	Landing in the palace of pride. 
	Remove this log from my eye
	I beg freedom
	Wanting to leave simple ways behind me.
	The days that you’ll find me walking in understanding.
	Acknowledging a sacred friend.
	Wisdom. I invite you in.
	Would you make yourself at home while I agree to your decisions.
	I’m ready to give you my mindset
	Shatter it and cut with great precision.
	Welcome. You’re altogether wise, and I’m not.
	How we’ve hung time and again before 
	But now I open up the door because I need more
	And I’m tired of caressing a counterfeit. Logic.
	And I can’t see.
	So you point me towards my table
	Asking for a rag to wipe off these affections.
	Now that it’s clean, you set before me your correction
	First lesson. She says, you must eat right,
	For my mouth speaks what is true.
	I talk, you listen. I rebuke, you move.
	So I pay attention.
	In yielding to her precision while she cuts.
	Pride steady screaming this sucks, but I must hear.
	So I draw near.
	Not knowing if I’d be left breaking with tears
	But I’ve invited you
	You’ve wanted to speak with me but I’ve had walls
	Those in which you’ll now bring down
	So I stand as light interjects, setting the table with freedom.
	Folly and pride, I don’t need them
	I need you. Stay with me.
	Make wise my heart.