For the People

Written by: Melinda Hudson

Are you allowing them to turn you into sheeple?

We do not live in a country that is “For the people”

There seems to be no real desire to change the status quo

The government plays the media like a puppet show


The big businesses decide what the news will be

The “reporters” just “report” what they are told, you see

It seems so obvious if you open your eyes

Do your own research; be a skeptic, the media lies.


It seems so obvious, that they transgress

We are all pawns in their game of chess

They try to dumb us down with mindless reality shows

To keep us quiet while the misrepresentation grows


How can we sit idly by?

While they continue to lie

I pray for truth

Who will you choose at the voting booth?


I challenge you to step up and let your voice be known

The joke is on us in our “battleground America” combat zone

Don’t allow them to turn you into sheeple

Become a country that is once again “For the People”