Sexist Games

Written by: Jessica K

You complain of losing guys
To the transpiring battle of a pervert
When it seems you lost something besides your dignity 
And they're dangling out of your shirt

Sorry to be so blunt
But I'm sick of this game
Cursing guys for wandering eyes
When they're not always to blame

Now I know they're still some
Where being a pervert is all he'll know
But atleast we could separate the good and bad
When you decide to put on some clothes

And its not just perversity
That gives guys a bad rap
But dealing with their everyday struggles 
While putting up with all our drama and crap

How about when guys think about being the best
He is considered a pig and sexist
But if girls think of superiority 
She's defined stronger than royalty 

So nag as much as you want
Cause you're right, chivalry is dead
We murdered it!