Written by: Patrick Cornwall

Clutching the  purse to her chest and the counting

She grabbed at the invisible hands and doubting

If it hadn't been one thing it would have been another

The greed put out the fire with smother

Greed, the great pacifier

Holding each coin close

Counting and counting over and over

The hiding place ever changing

 A dog can never have enough bones to bury

The alcoholic and one glass of sherry

Snatching at fingers and to the comfort of the vault

A ski mask helps one not to be caught

One pacifier deserves another

Turning from the bank with her greed

Draws her purse  to her chest

Maybe the freezer wrapped in foil

Holding each emotion and counting

Not a drop of water  and the broken founting

Such a miser she won't pitch a penny for luck

Met her doctor at KMart for a nip and tuck

The Baby Queen strikes her rattle

As the basket is passed she puts in nothing

Always wanting to know where the next one comes

And the texture of each bill

Even Barbie held with the covet

Getting summons and the snub it

Ken wears only Gucci suits for his pleasure

Barbie holds each banknote with measure