My Angels

Written by: Mia K

Long time back you left
just right after you came
you took me away
and in a moment left me without a breath
left me with endless pain..

didn't see you with my eyes
but my heart was never blind
about your care and love
that filled my days and lonely nights..

My soul was never trapped
into someone's life
just like it is locked
inside yours..

How can I love someone,
need them that much,
dream of them
and whenever I am down
I feel their hand touch
pulling me up..
But someone I never met?
Everything was in a virtual set
of consequent dreams,
that follow me
either I am awake or asleep!

Just tell me is it real
that you are really near,
as my guardian angels
or it is just I am hiding from my loneliness fears
behind a curtain of unreal dreams?

I just hope you are there,
hope you can hear me 
when I say
I miss you that much,
and I need your lift up touch..