Flamingo Migration The Leader

Written by: Patrick Maitland

Come on chaps its time to go
We must leave now, before the snow.
I know the way, I know the path
The route is South to a great lake bath.

You’re my pal, so you’re first right.
Help me guide them on this long flight.
You’re first left, cause you fly so strong
Make sure our path is never wrong.

When I count to three, we’re on our way
The journey’s long, no time to play.
At the count of one, start to run
The take off’s hard, it’s not fun.

Flap your wings at the count of two
Not only me, but all of you.
At the count of three, lift your feet and soar.
Do it wrong and you’ll hit the floor.

Line up quickly in a V-formation
Maintain your distance, keep your station.
Then circle once and follow me
We’re heading South for a mating spree