Supermarket Specials

Written by: Patrick Maitland

Every week in the post they come .
Supermarket Specials with a boast
Of prices low I hear their call.
To make me rush to the Shopping Mall.

I can’t stop now, I may be late.
Must get there before the closing date.
There are many bargains I could enjoy
I’m a sucker for their sales ploy.

I always get there within the time
To make sure they’ll be mine.
All the specials I’m going to buy
They’re all so good, they catch my eye.

In the store around I’ll dart
Pushing fast my trolley cart.
At each shelf I’ll quickly stop
And in the cart the items flop.

Round the corners I’ll sharply turn
Wheels will spin, tyres burn.
Down each aisle I’ll travel fast
I am always first, never last.

But now each day when the pamphlets come
I throw them all in my big black drum.
For why should I upset myself.
About those specials that I’ve no cash to get.