Written by: Patrick Maitland

My Love,
When last did we have a conversation
When we could talk without confrontation?
You are able to turn any subject
Into a topic that you object
With such force and violence
That I must leave you to enjoy my silence.

Our house has become a prison
Where I silently sob and flail
Helplessly against the bars of my cell.
There is no love or respect in this Hell.

I can talk to God, but not to you.
His voice has the warmth and hue
Of a golden sunset, that covers the sky with love.
If only you could learn from that God above.

Can you not look at a flower
And see the beauty in every nook
Of its lovely fragile face?
Must you always to irritation race.?

I crave this wonderful world to share
With someone, who holds a friendship dear.
Someone, whose mind and thoughts can bond
With every being in this world, and beyond.

Oh God! I know you have the greatest power
Please save her mind, even at this hour.