The Christening

Written by: Patrick Maitland

My new born child, unto the Lord I give
That in his shadow, he may walk and live.
And so, this day into the Church I go
To Christen him with a water’s flow

His tiny body in a robe so white
Will soon be bathed in Christ’s loving light.
Round the font, the families crowd
Babies held by Mothers proud.

The Padres hand from the font draws water
And marks the head of each son and daughter.
Each brow that’s marked with a simple cross
Is God’s gain, the Devil’s loss.

Will my child scream, and loudly shout?
Or will he smile and look about?
Will he like this strange man’s hold?
Or will he hate the water cold?

His turn has come, he’s so good.
He smiles so sweetly, I knew he would.
The service over, and out we race
To those outside to show his face.

May his life be good, Oh Lord I pray.
Please guide him well, let him not stray.
His life, one day, must surely end.
Let him with you in Heaven spend.