Written by: Patrick Maitland

The path I am treading is misty dark
The blackness pitch is scary, stark.
Shapes are darting here and there
Demons stalk, then disappear.

Faces smile, then cry away
It’s not a place I’d like to stay.

Then up that hill and down that dale
I come across a lush green vale.
There is food aplenty and a good strong brew
And I’m among the friends I knew.

Then thunder claps, and it’s quickly changed.
The stench is foul; I am deranged.
With arms fast bound and padded cell
I’m screaming mad, I am in Hell.
The room is small, it has high bars
The roof so thick it hides the stars.

The stars, the stars up in the sky
Are shining brightly as I fly.
Oh, how I love this heavenly place
How I hate the real worlds face

Suddenly gruesome figures scurry in my mind
Exuding filth, grasping, hoping to find
My brain. Fighting to replace my sanity
With fear and hate and profanity.

Resist. Resist. My will is strong. I must defend.
For if these grisly creatures enter, it will be my end.
Wave after wave they still attack.
There is no respite, there is no slack.

Darkness. It grows darker. They have won, I fear.
I’ve lost the world I once held dear.

Then from the dark comes a soft red glow
The dawn it brings makes the terror go.
My Mummy’s dressed in her Sunday best,
There is Daddy too, and all the rest.
Memories flood, we’re by the sea.
A happy day with my family.

Once more they storm and take away
The happiness of that lovely day.
Once more they seize my bleeding brain
Once more I feel dark, morbid pain.

Am I insane?