The Entertainer

Written by: Patrick Maitland

I am the Entertainer, I’m known most everywhere.
And every place I go, the people stop and stare.
For I have talent great, and I have talent rare.
And my life’s only mission, is that my songs I share.

My voice is strong and powerful, and has great quality
I know that all my audience, can’t sing as well as me.
I think I’ll get the left side, to sing against the right;
I know they all sound silly, against my talent’s might.

Once when cheering rugby, upon the Final’s Day
They pulled me out my seat, to show them how to play.
When tackled on my left side, and thrown onto the right
My cries and screams of pain, caused howls of great delight.

Once with a famous tenor, he made me sing a song.
He made my voice sound feeble; I wish I’d never gone.
These lessons made me hurt, these lessons made me strong.
I don’t know why I never asked, why should they sing along?

I am the Entertainer. You’ve paid to hear me sing.
I’ll show you all my talent, and you need not do a thing
I’ll sing unto my right side, and to those that’s on my left.
And though I’m tired and sweating, I’ll give you all my best.
I am the Entertainer. I’ll sing, until you let me rest.