the continual process for world peace HOMEWORK

Written by: Troy Jeremy Nelson

first you clear china
in case of a white vs white war
the emperor sorts through 98 types of chinese ppl everyday

then you find if its group A or Group B

Group A browns
B whites

you dont just wake up and blow up buildings for no reason
you dont call people names just cause

are the americans losing to a white vs white war throwing ethnic communities in harms way, as these ppl set up shop in canada?

first east india then china?
what do the african americans have to say?

then pick an outsider looking in like britian....
ask their opinion...

what about the community flying under the radar, who is trying not to matter and why?

once this process begins ppl will calm down
once people are calm the confusion fades

now we are logical after recooperating from being sick with war

what does cross referencing the situation tell you?

its a white versus white war of a group of whites pretending to be two other groups of white people.
this makes the world white supremist to get the bad ones in trouble with the right people 

in short its usually five stupid people playing terrorist dominos
bullying a group of people to bully another group of people

take pity... if it wasnt for that group of people terrorising the first group of people to live an endless nightmare, they could have had a normal life, been a real friend, and not lived in terror for their children.

once this process is perfected,
demonstrate it ritualisticly
and have it celebrated.

saints have proved holidays to be very powerful
like the holidays we celebrate today of drawing the line in the sand from the gimme of halloween to the buying across the line of easter