Her Beauty, In My Dreams

Written by: John Rhinem

Washing over me; her warm breast, weighing joyfully amid such soft palms

Arms about dawns waist; dreams, smiling as gazing into her eyes to find....

Beauty that we share; butterflies, dancing within our hearts while chasing

But a breath; nothing has changed yet all is the same and everyday, is new

Time stills its frames; hands untying her negligee; lovely, her mirrors image

Twined in this love as satin falls unto the floor; about these fragrant kisses

Capturing hearts aneath reflections cast betwixt, chains of silverish hues....

Rose petals strewn atop the scented pillows; insatiable hungers to quench

This candlelights thirst; a poetics witness unto desirables rivers of pleasure

Murmuring gently loves silkened voice into the wanting sea; sands and surf

Velvet, weighing joyfully amid my palms; her breast, thus now glistening....


...."Her Beauty, In My Dreams" ~