A Perfect Storm

Written by: Samia Ali Arroyo

A perfect storm they had created.
Two lovers destined to be mated.
Living life upon the edge.
Forged in crime, their love was pledged.

Wanted posters with each name. 
Loved and feared, the pair became.
Evading law from state to state.
Alas, this was to be their fate.

Romanticized through history.
Sprinkled with some mystery.
Running, hiding till the end.
Celebrities, some may contend.

The two had once been quite mundane.
They hungered to be free of plain.
And even now they are well-known.
From need and want their seeds were sown.

For Nette Onclaud’s ‘Soul Partners’ contest
Bonnie and Clyde
By Samia Ali Arroyo