bomb this terrorist haven

Written by: Troy Jeremy Nelson

now that i have your attention
ill play bad guy
and you can mess me up
and we will walk away cackiling like supervillians

take notes....

no more spinning circles poiting out bad guys

1. in a white versus white war where a group of white people pretending to be tqwo other groups of white people whose names they drag through the mud and victomise other ethnic communities with hate crimes they have a black market where they have the means to make money off of my allies good ideas, then they run off to another country make them happen spend the money to shut them up, and confuse random ethnic groups with insults and lies as to who their real friends are...

step one, (if its not group a , then its group b

1. blame china for everythibng by getting japans attention
japan and china are so into eachothers business, china will find out they are being blamed, they will be mad, then they wil clear themselves, then you tell them well if its not group a, its group b.

then you approach germany and ask them to take a turn clearing their name, (their part of group b) when germany clears themselves, you have it widdled down to the group of people using terrorist dominos  (the bully people into bullying other people to bully other people)

psychologicaly the sense of humor is a good weapon in discovering your enemy, a bad sense of humopur where good people are constantly the joke, may point this out. 

in short this global enemy did not have permission from their country to spy on your military brats steal their ideas and blackmail our allie.

so in short, having sucked you with a terrorist threat to help you usurp their bad intentions and kick them out of their own youth group, i got them in trouble with their mom, its legit, once your in *****with mom, its over. you are now a peacekeeper. 

look up the word schism.. (sorry)