Treat them like you want to be treated Mars vs Venus

Written by: Robert Walker

they say hell has no furry like a woman scorn
but what does it reveal when it shows a man hurt and torn
it's pretty bad to leave a woman hurt
but to leave a man just hanging on now that sounds worst,
women boast and nag  about what they have to take
 !now men are not the only humans that make mistakes
just because i'm a man does'nt mean i'm taking the men side
  cause i don't look pass the fact that women also have pride
although there men that try hard to destroy a woman's self essteam 
 when they should be treating each  one like a queens 
 for women  are the mothers of the earth
the very ones that gave you birth
now women lets get back to you 
you  have been known to cause a lot of hurt too 
and yea you are independent that we understand
 because the first thing always out of your mouth is i dont need a man 
 im not saying either one of us are right or wrong
 but we  must make some ajustments in order  to get alone
 regaurdless of what you think of the opposite sex we are both needed
so i suggest out of respect just treat them like you want to be treated