Citizens Rights

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                  Pick up your guns
                                                  hold them tight
                                                  your government wants them
                                                  it's time to fight.
                                                  Obama will daily tread
                                                  on your god given right
                                                  to protect yourself, neighbor to,
                                                  show some strength and some might
                                                  pick up your guns
                                                  and look down the sight.
                                                  your freedom of speech,
                                                  I have been told
                                                  is another right he's trying to take
                                                  trying to get it put on hold
                                                  trying to make us buy insurance
                                                  when we can't buy bread 
                                                  gas and taxes so high
                                                  pick up your guns
                                                  hold them tight
                                                  maybe now friends
                                                  is the time to fight.