And the teacher goes out

Written by: saket suman

He sits alone; they think he is dull, 
In the last desk of the class; he paints
a world of his own-a teacher enters! 
His eyes brighten once again, a sheer
hope of determination brings back the
glee as the pupils change their color
from the former noisy bees to submissive
sloths. Once again he hopes the teacher
will look at him, will advise or appreciate
like he glorifies the star pupils.
The teacher stands, there is a bewildering
silence, he turns the pages as he moves
forward, waves of joy arise in the heart
of the urchin for he has waited all these
days to be loved, to be cared and granted
like the other pupils. A question is posed
and the clever ones shout in a hundred
thunders, amidst which his answer is lost
just like the ripples which arise and vanish
quickly. The bell rings and without a single
glimpse into the eyes of the urchin, the
teacher goes out! ! 
Saket Suman