Written by: Robert Ball

What happened to me? A short while ago I was home in bed,
Was I dreaming here? Seems to me I’ve woke up dead.
Firstly I worry what pain I have caused my love ones.
I’m not there to provide anymore, now I wait standing in line to the Kingdom.

Standing, waiting my turn I anxiously await.
Wondering what the next step was? Would it be doom for me? Or will it be great?
In my mind I had to clear my head so I could reply to any question.
Did I do right in life? Did I try to learn the Father’s ways and strive for ultimate perfection?

Well moving up in the line I saw the brightness surrounding the throne.
The Power of God blinded all who looked and it got brighter as I came closer to home.
Soon my turn would come and shortly I would have to answer to God.
Sweat protruding from my brow my judgment will be known hopefully I’ll get to be in the Lord’s Kingdom and have the Father’s nod.

Mixed emotions came to me as I stood in the judgment line.
Thoughts flew as I reflected on my inner spirit, and in my mind.
Thoughts came flashing by as I stood in this line would I be let in or be sent to the pit?
Would I get the Father’s approval and be turned to a heavenly spirit?

Boy, as I awoke I thought what a dream it scared me to the core.
I wasn’t dead yet it was a dream of profound meaning for me and following the Father has been an easy chore.
The dream reminded me to be contrite, vigil and to have faith in the Holy Father and His Holy Bible.
Getting right is the path in God’s eyes its necessary for my spiritual revival.

Don’t be like me standing in God’s judgment line, wondering if I’m worthy.
Pray for guidance and hope your deemed righteous so you’ll not be sorry.
If you study God’s word and keep His teachings and Jesus close to your heart.
You’ll be prepared to stand tall in His judgment line with faith as your beacon you’ll have a purified soul and with God you’ll never part.