Barack Obama

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

Barack Obama is here; This is the time and we will hear, over and over for years to come. In 2008 he made himself known. For many it was news. Soon he became famous and well known all over the world. His famous words were - We need a change. The people went crazy, eager for a change. The people were tired. The Country was in a bad shape. People were losing their homes and also their jobs. A change did happen. It was history in the making. Only in America - people would say. Barack Obama is his name. A new president had been elected, by the people and for the people. So fellow Americans"The White House would have a change in 2009. People have power and there is no doubt. It had been proven one more time. If we stand together - we can make a difference... It is not about what one man alone can do. It is about what we can all do together, as a Nation. Written July of 2009. By Lucilla M. Carrillo