Songs In Passe'

Written by: Michael Smith

Songs of passe' drifting From a distant somewhere out They breathe into me As a longing that wants to be, aught And I begin by grasping at traces Of a sadness in loss of innocence Naivety was its beauty Like the fawn that wanders from the morning mist So with ease I interpret the simplicity Into what offers fantasy considers Then again, I can begin Reliving it, in the mind of youthfulness Each time thus, I am stronger willed Which enflames the yearning of memory's fire Giving in to its rise Seemingly always sweeter and evermore higher Here I rekindle the mere forgotten And the now quite needed, simpler desires Where the melodies soon become A paramour of regrets and undone aspires The dancing among these shadows so familiar Seducing the absences upon my heart Tis' a language of remembrance which lingers now Like a fragrance still, and forever instilled, imparts Thus from me The "ghosts of times" separate, can not be As a fondness for the once had, still haunts From a place, where the wildness runs free The songs in passe' Overwhelm in moments unexpected Like whispers within the air They come, as a long lost friend, merely the soul's recollection And I shall carry them always As one carries a lighted torch Living out my life to its fullest Burning forevermore as my passions source