An Engaging Repartee

Written by: Terance Chan

Enjoying an appealing repartee
Over scones and a cup of tea
Belching whilst cooking
Avoiding chronic particles from choking

Comradeship amongst landed gentry and friends
It all makes faultless sense
Avoiding topics that’s nonsensical
Keeping a lid on emotions and remaining sensible

Being sensuously sociable
Status eminent and unreachable
It is nonetheless within pulpit reach
Spattered with a seven year itch

A contentious immoral pair
Culminating in an indelible affair
Relationship commencing from spontaneity
Both relenting with reciprocity

Inappropriate association stifling me
Loathing of perversity for all to see
Probing the other with a stolen glance
Guard down devoid of a lance

Facilitating a rendezvous
Gathering a result of a woo
Deeper drawn into the abyss in vain
Inglorious fall from grace of the luscious moral fountain

One part of the source
Neither one being remorseful
Subsequently asked for divorce
The indignant feeling pitiful

Both caught in shameless tryst
In the presence of taut vice
The spilling of the sauce
There shall now be no more recourse